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Title: DO NOT: Start Or Run A Business My Way

Category: Entrepreneurship

Author: Michael D Morrison

Synopsis: Michael Morrison is just like you. He might as well be you. He has been in your shoes and chose to pursue a better life by creating his own business. The lessons he learned along the way to building a multimillion-dollar company with dozens of employees are those any aspiring entrepreneur would want to know. More importantly, however, DO NOT START OR RUN YOUR BUSINESS MY WAY is a guide — a guide to what not to do. 

Other books tell you what to do. But mistakes offer the best learning opportunities, and Michael has seen and done it all during his decades as an entrepreneur. 

Michael shares his life lessons, from his biological father’s violent past to the importance of hiring the right professionals — business lawyers and specialized accountants, as well as others — to stave off trouble from the IRS. Which, by the way, Michael can speak to as well. He takes his life lessons from his failures and difficulties, and he shares them so you don’t have to go through the same thing.

Each chapter in DO NOT START OR RUN YOUR BUSINESS MY WAY explains a different challenge that Michael encountered, explains what he did wrong and how he should have — and eventually did — do things differently. Michael writes accessibly and humorously, with stories, lessons and suggestions so that you can do as he says … not as he did. 

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