3 Simple Strategies to Crush It!

Hi, I'm Michael Morrison! And welcome to the Morrison Minute where we focus on personal development and business coaching. Today. we're going to focus on personal development. I'm going to share with you three simple strategies to crush it in anything you do.

 Step one, is simply Get Serious. From time to time, I interview elderly people and, well, for wisdom. There’s two common words that I hear often more than not. That is, I wish! I wish I would have wrote that book. I wish I would have downsized my home. I wish I would saved more money. I wish I would have started that business. I wish, I wish, I wish! Step One, is simply get serious about it is what you want to do.

 Step two, is Make A Plan. A plan is like a recipe for your success. If you think about a recipe in a cookbook, it always starts with the main Ingredients, the top priorities. And, it works this way down from there. A plan is simply creating your top priorities and working your way down from there. Nothing else matters. 

 Step three, the most critical, is Take Action. I’ve trademarked a quote, which is, “Do today what other’s won't. So tomorrow you can do what others can't.”

 Three simple steps: Get Serious, Make A Plan, and Take Action.

 If you’d like to dig in a little deeper, I've created some curriculum called “Get Serious.” On my website, michaeldmorrison.com, go there for more information where we look at your past, your present, and your future. And then we create a detailed plan for your success. So, that every day, you know the top three things that you need to be doing to meet your goals.

 And, if you'd like more personal development skills, or, more business coaching skills, sign up for more, Morrison Minute. I'd love to see you again!

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