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None of us chose when or where we were born. None of us got to choose what family or social status we were born with. We all came into this world the same, naked and uneducated. I was no exception.

Like most infants, I cried when I needed something because I did not know how to speak. I crawled when I wanted something because I had not learned to walk.

Bruised knees, head bumps, and bruises were all too common while I strived to achieve developmental milestones like walking, talking and exploring.

Like most, I came into the world the same way, uneducated with no fear and no limits. 

But, this is where our likeness ends and our individual stories begin. 


Born into a domestic abuse situation, kidnapped at age 2 by gunpoint, adopted, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and divorces are only a few of the numerous trials and tribulations I encountered since birth. Living to my full potential and achieving greatness was not in my plan.

Personal Development - Michael D Morrison Enterprises

Even into my 30’s, I had worked for, and had always worked for, what is referred to as “the man," also known as “a boss." I didn't know any better. It wasn't in my blood or heritage to do anything else. And, having been raised in a lower middle-class household, the word “entrepreneur” certainly wasn't in my vocabulary.

The only thing I knew was to get a job. So, I did! I dropped out of college and got a job. I was determined to always have a job, and I am proud to have never gone without an hourly wage.

Working for “the man” taught me the “old school” way of doing things. Think smart and work hard. And that, I did. In 1999, at the age of 32, I began to think smarter. I set out to do what most others would never do out of fear: quit my hourly job of 15 years and start my first business, a direct marketing company.

With only $8,000 from a home equity loan and $329 in the bank, I founded Comtech (COMmunicating business through TECHnology) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Entrepreneurship began like the perfect honeymoon, exhilarating and wildly fulfilling. But, numerous challenges and many failures quickly peeked around every corner. Maintaining the same level of enthusiasm quickly dissipated. For 8 plus years I struggled to get it right with failure after failure.

Personal Development - Michael D Morrison Enterprises

It was not until I found a mentor and learned to put systems and processes in place, that the company took off. Today, I understand the fear of taking bold actions like leaving your job to start a business. I understand the challenges faced after making a bold move. I also know what it's like not to have any support and still keep plowing through when difficult times arise. Most importantly, I see the value of how investing in yourself is the day your ship will set sail.

Today, I'm ready to share the personal development tools from the numerous hours and dollars I invested in myself. I want you to take the fast track to achieve your wildest dreams.

My transformation is a true testament to the actions I share with many. They are proven time and time again.

Just like we all came into this world the same, we will all pass from this earth the same, with nothing. It's not about how you got in the world or how you leave it, it's about what you do in between!

Personal Development - Michael D Morrison Enterprises

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